A new book argues that if the institution of marriage is to endure, it must evolve with the times.

With infidelity now seeming less like a deadly plague and more like a relatively mild form of cancer–we all know someone who has suffered from it, even if we haven’t experienced it ourselves–does it still make sense for monogamy to constitute the basis for marriage? Or should couples figure out creative ways to expand the boundaries of their relationships, acknowledging that they might want to continue to be life partners even if one or both needs the occasional night off?
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As Dallas Divorce Lawyer, I frequently am asked questions that touch on “legal separation” and its place in Texas family law. Texas law does not recognize legal separation as a status, so in Texas, you’re either married you are aren’t. The other day I had someone ask me whether she could marry someone who was legally separated from his spouse in another state. To answer this question, we need to look at who can and cannot get married in Texas.
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