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How to Find the Best Lawyer for You

How do you go about finding the best lawyer to handle your divorce matter? Not just any lawyer, the best lawyer. It is certainly understandable that someone who suddenly needs a lawyer to end a marriage would want to find the best one around. It's not only part of our competitive nature, but it's also common sense.… Continue Reading

Learning Lessons From A Tragedy

Some of you may have heard about the tragic suicide death of Debie Hackett recently. Her family drama has been played out in the local media over the past few months regarding the litigation between Ms. Hackett and her former lesbian partner Ms. Ferris.… Continue Reading

Learning How To Do a Rain Dance

Here's why you should hire my lawyers to represent you in your Dallas area divorce: We have a been-there, done-that perspective based on our extensive experience in divorce, child custody, and complex marital property litigation. We have hands-on real world experience from the ground up in family law matters in Texas. Our experience allows us to distinguish the real, meaningful issues from the ones that don't matter.… Continue Reading

Appellate Lawyers are the Chess Club of the Law World

As with other areas of law, the family law appellate lawyer can help get a case ready for trial. The family law appellate lawyer can handle disputes over legal issues so the trial lawyer can focus on the fact issues. The family law appellate lawyer can draft motions, briefs, or even the jury charge to fine-tune the really important legal issues. The family law appellate lawyer can advise the trial lawyer as to what parts of the case really matter, and what can be left on the editing room floor.… Continue Reading

Happy birthday to the Texas Lawyer’s Creed!

The Texas Lawyer's Creed turned 20 years old on November 5, 2009 marking a milestone in the Texas Bar community for the promotion of professionalism and civility in the legal profession. Being an attorney in the great state of Texas (any any other state for that matter) is a privilege. With this privilege comes a great amount of responsibility. Unfortunately there are some bad attorneys out there who have tarnished the image of the legal profession. The lawyer's creed set forth a model of behavior which, if followed, helps to improve the public image of the legal profession and bolsters good will among members of the bar.… Continue Reading

Lawyer Fined For Wrong Case Citation

A Wisconsin lawyer has been fined $100 for getting a citation wrong in a brief submitted to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. The appeals court expressed its frustration in a footnote to an unpublished opinion, Espitia v. Fouche, Legal Blog Watch reports. The court imposed the penalty and explained the reason for it in a footnote to a 2008 unpublished opinion, Espitia v. Fouche. Here is the entire footnote:… Continue Reading