As with other areas of law, the family law appellate lawyer can help get a case ready for trial. The family law appellate lawyer can handle disputes over legal issues so the trial lawyer can focus on the fact issues. The family law appellate lawyer can draft motions, briefs, or even the jury charge to fine-tune the really important legal issues. The family law appellate lawyer can advise the trial lawyer as to what parts of the case really matter, and what can be left on the editing room floor.
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Dallas Family Law Attorney Michelle May O’Neil was cited in an article published today in the Texas Lawyer news magazine. The article entitled Toddler Tug of War: Mother and Couple at Odds in Parental Rights Termination Case by John Council discusses a case pending in the Houston 1st Court of Appeals seeking to terminate a mother’s parental rights when the baby was secreted from the mother by the father and unknowingly placed with a prospecitve adoptive family.
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A resident of Dallas county came and asked me for some advice on whether a divorce or annulment was his best option to proceed with. As a Dallas divorce lawyer, I get a lot of questions on annulments versus divorces and I think its worth the time to post a blog on the differences between the two and under what circumstances an annulment is available.
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I was recently informed about a situation where a woman married a man who happened to already be married. The blushing bride had no idea about her husband’s prior (and still existing) marriage to the other woman, and understandably was quite embarrassed by her situation. Perhaps more importantly, however, the woman wanted to know what her legal rights were under these strange facts.
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A question was asked of me today — what’s the difference between a Parent Coordinator and a Parent Facilitator? The Texas Legislature changed the law in September 2009 to clarify the duties of a Parent Coordinator and added a new category called Parent Facilitator.

A parent coordinator (PC) is a person who
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