No matter the what type of lawsuit you may find yourself a part of, the role of evidence cannot be overstated. Testimony is important, but solid evidence is the foundation of a well-constructed case. Evidence provides the necessary support for your testimony. Without it trials would be nothing more than he said/she said. Whether it’s

With the start of the new year comes new discovery rules from the Supreme Court of Texas. The significant changes to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure apply to cases filed after January 1, 2021.

If a new client’s case is filed after January 1, 2021, there are certain documents and information that you are

Time Magazine has an article entitled Facebook and Divorce dated June 22, 2009 touting the relationship between Facebook and other social networking media and divorce litigation. As the age of online-social-network users creeps up, it overlaps more with the age of divorce-lawyer users, resulting in the kind of semipublic laundry-airing that can turn aggrieved spouses into enraged ones and friends into embarrassed spectators, states the article by reporter Belinda Luscombe.
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