What’s just around the corner, sticky sweet and has Hallmark written all over it? If you guessed Valentine’s Day, you are correct. Even for those of us who don’t buy into the massive consumerism of this holiday can be guilty of getting caught up in the hype. After all, what girl doesn’t love hearts and flowers? Can we get a shout out for milk chocolates in a red satin box? We wouldn’t be human if these symbols of ‘amore’ didn’t pull at our heartstrings even a little bit.
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A Michigan man, Leon Walker, 33, faces up to 5 years in prison for reading his wife’s e-mail on a shared computer in their home. Walker, who discovered his wife was having an affair by accessing her e-mail, now faces a felony for misuse of the computer under a Michigan state statute typically used to prosecute crimes like identity theft or stealing trade secrets.
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Recently there has been quite a bit of media exposure over alienation of affection claims arising out of a North Carolina Court. Under the case in North Carolina, the mistress who was allegedly responsible for breaking up a 30 year marriage was sued by her lover’s ex-wife and awarded $9M in damages! North Carolina is one of seven states to recognize alienation of affection claims, in which spouses can sue third parties that they allege interfered in their marriages. Texas, however, does not recognize alienation of affection claims in divorce cases.
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How not to get divorced — that type of advice is strange coming from a Dallas Divorce Lawyer. But, really I’d love nothing more than to be out of business and into some other line of work, all because people stayed married. Marriage is a great thing if you are with the right person. Unfortunately, divorce is necessary in many circumstances. But, I seriously doubt that anyone enters marriage with the idea that they want to get divorced. So, for those out there trying to hold it together, here’s some advice:
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