Court is just like television.

Reality: If you are prepared, there shouldn’t be any shock and awe moments though you can expect to testify in court.  Texas requires “fair notice” in pleadings. As a result, you must properly plead in advance of trial everything you are requesting in terms of relief such as a disproportionate

When clients come in to meet with a divorce attorney, they are often recently separated and very emotional. Our clients often latch onto preconceptions to help them through this difficult time. From our initial consult, it is our job to help you through this emotional and challenging process and provide you realistic expectations for the


* Myths need challenging and realities need facing.
* Children need two homes when they have two separated parents.
* Organize the program to suit your circumstances, not vice versa.
* Infants require special consideration when part of a shared parenting arrangement.
* Shared parenting allows both parents to be hands on.
* Both quality and quantity are important in parenting.
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