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Fresh Start in 2014

At the beginning of any year, there is usually an influx in divorce filings in Texas. Many people delay initiating divorce proceedings until after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.… Continue Reading

Why should I hire you as my Dallas divorce attorney? Part 4

The most important factor is reaching a good settlement in a case is knowledge -- having all of the information needed to negotiate with. In a case with complex assets to divide, this may mean having a valuation expert complete an analysis on the value of the community property business. Or, knowing the method of dividing certain complex employment benefits.… Continue Reading

What Is a Default Divorce in Texas?

Any person who is on the receiving end of a lawsuit in Texas is entitled to what is called "personal service." Personal service is where a constable or a private process server comes up to the person on the receiving end of a lawsuit, asks if they are that person, and personally hands them a copy of the original petition and citation.… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Finds No Automatic Right to Counsel in Child Support Contempt Proceedings

The U.S. Supreme Court has found no automatic right to counsel for indigent civil defendants facing jail time, though it ruled on behalf of a father who served a year in prison for failing to pay child support. Free lawyers aren't required in such situations, but states must have procedural safeguards in place to help determine whether the parent is able to comply with the support order, according to the majority opinion (PDF) by Justice Stephen G. Breyer.… Continue Reading

Save Attorneys Fees Through Email

Most of our clients are very comfortable using email for their informal correspondence to friends and family. Not every client is accustomed to using email as a form of business communication, however. In some instances misuse of email in client correspondence can misdirect and even hinder an attorney's effectiveness in the case.… Continue Reading

Toddler Tug of War Article Quotes Dallas Family Law Attorney O’Neil

Dallas Family Law Attorney Michelle May O'Neil was cited in an article published today in the Texas Lawyer news magazine. The article entitled Toddler Tug of War: Mother and Couple at Odds in Parental Rights Termination Case by John Council discusses a case pending in the Houston 1st Court of Appeals seeking to terminate a mother's parental rights when the baby was secreted from the mother by the father and unknowingly placed with a prospecitve adoptive family.… Continue Reading