Oftentimes, people going through a custody dispute want to have psychological evaluations to show the judge “who is lying” to the court about some issue or another. Conversely, some people going through psychological evaluations in a custody case become concerned that the other person will “lie” to the evaluator through charm or outright deception and sway the results of the evaluation.
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As a Dallas divorce lawyer, I am often asked whether court’s still presume that custody of a child should go to the mother as opposed to the father. The short answer is no. Courts are not permitted to consider the gender of the parent (or the child) in making decisions regarding custody. Generally the best interests of the child are the primary considerations the court assesses in determining custody issues.
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The Amarillo Court of Appeals recently issued an opinion, styled In re A.S., upholding the trial court’s imposition of a geographical restriction on the child’s primary residence in a case where the mother was appointed sole managing conservator.
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The Dallas Court of Appeals has given the green light to a nonparent woman to seek access to the child with whom she had a substantial relationship. In In re M.K.S., the Dallas Court of Appeals held that the nonparent woman had established sufficient evidence of a pattern of conduct over a significant amount of time that the child would be involved with the nonparent woman, thus giving her the right under Texas Law to seek access
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