Texas is one of the few states that recognizes common law marriage. Also known as an informal marriage, it allows a couple to be married without having to go through a marriage ceremony. Unless there is a declaration of marriage signed, there are set requirements that must be met to be apart of an informal

1.    No Agreement to be Married:

·        Behavior that is consistent with courtship, such as holding hands and showing affection towards one another;

·        Marriage proposal and giving of an engagement ring;

·        Statements that parties were “trying out” their relationship and would later marry if everything worked out; and


I recently had a question from a potential client regarding common law marriage. Turns out that this individual had separated from her husband in 1995 in New York (not divorced, but separated), the couple reconciled, moved to Texas in 1996 and have been living together since then. Thirteen years later, she decides to move on and wants to know if she has to go through the formalities of a divorce here in Dallas.
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