Children and Parenting

            It doesn’t matter what the nature of the case is; whether it’s a divorce, a petition for an increase in child support, or a modification for child custody, when there are kids involved in a family law matter, they are the most important subject of the suit.

            Divorce is tough enough on the actual

Oftentimes, people going through a custody dispute want to have psychological evaluations to show the judge “who is lying” to the court about some issue or another. Conversely, some people going through psychological evaluations in a custody case become concerned that the other person will “lie” to the evaluator through charm or outright deception and sway the results of the evaluation.
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It was May 29, 2008, a day I will never forget. I was representing Royce Sigler in his divorce action and two months prior we had obtained him temporary primary conservatorship of his two daughters, Tanya age 6, and Ksneya age 4. His Wife, Katya, was a Russian citizen and when the children were born here in Texas, she obtained dual citizenship for both girls.
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What exactly is the Right of First Refusal? The Right of First Refusal requires a parent in possession of the children to notify the other parent if they are going to be away from the children for a certain extended period of time while in possession of the children. This allows the parent not in possession of the children the ability to have the children in lieu of the other parent having someone else watch the children.
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Before, during and after divorce, parents struggle the most with effective co-parenting with their spouse or ex-spouse. When going through a divorce in Texas, the most important thing a parent can do for their child is to continue to communicate with their ex-spouse and foster their child’s relationship with the other parent.
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