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A place to look for hidden money

I read an article in the Fall 2017 Family Lawyer Magazine (yes, I’m behind on my reading pile) that talks about away to hide income – at the IRS. Husband owed wife spousal support, which was calculated on his actual net income. After receiving a raise, Husband increased his federal withholding taxes above the amount … Continue Reading

What Child Support Covers – And Does NOT Cover

Many paying parents want to put restrictions on what child support can be spent on, to prevent the other parent from personally using the money. While it may seem like child support is being mismanaged to some - and maybe in some cases it is being mismanaged -- Texas law does not support placing restrictions on how child support is spent.… Continue Reading

Texas Maximum Child Support Cap Is Changing September 1, 2013

Currently, there is a cap in the monthly net resources used when calculating child support in Texas. The current child support cap in Texas is $7,500.00 net monthly resources per month. Depending on the number of children involved, the monthly net resources are then multiplied by a percentage for the number of children a parent has a duty to support as represented below.… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Finds No Automatic Right to Counsel in Child Support Contempt Proceedings

The U.S. Supreme Court has found no automatic right to counsel for indigent civil defendants facing jail time, though it ruled on behalf of a father who served a year in prison for failing to pay child support. Free lawyers aren't required in such situations, but states must have procedural safeguards in place to help determine whether the parent is able to comply with the support order, according to the majority opinion (PDF) by Justice Stephen G. Breyer.… Continue Reading

New Law Puts Credit Card Debt Before Single Moms

In July, Congress approved the overhaul of financial regulations protecting borrowers against abuses in credit card, mortgage, and other types of lending. However, the new law failed to reform a 2005 bankruptcy law that hurts single mothers and benefits the credit card industry. This law makes it easier for delinquent dads to avoid paying child support and alimony.… Continue Reading

Dallas divorce lawyer vindicates father’s rights

On August 28, 2009, the Dallas Court of Appeals issued an opinion relating to intentional underemployment and its impact on determining child support. Pursuant to Section 154.066 of the Texas Family Code, if an obligor is intentionally unemployed or underemployed in an attempt to reduce child support payments, the court's wage and salary income calculations are not limited to actual earnings, but instead are based on the obligor's earning potential.… Continue Reading