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Strategies for contested family law and divorce hearings on a time budget

Have you ever wondered about counties that have time limits on the presentation of evidence at contested hearings. The Dallas Bar Association featured an article by O’Neil Wysocki Senior Shareholder Michelle O’Neil in its September 2016 issue on Dallas Texas family law and divorce cases. The article is reprinted below. Dallas Bar Association Headnotes September 2016 … Continue Reading

Do the 12 divorce myths apply in Texas? (part 1)

Do the 12 divorce myths apply in Texas? The Huffington Post ran an article recently about the 12 Top Divorce Myths. The article was written by Daniel Clement, renowned divorce lawyer in New York, and they all hold true in Texas divorces as well. My favorite myth is #8. Read on to learn why. Myth … Continue Reading

How to act in Texas family court

It is important to remember that a hearing or trial is a very important snapshot of your life and you will be judged either by the judge or jury based on your every move and action or reaction. Smiling at the wrong time or laughing at an inappropriate joke will crush your credibility. Being too … Continue Reading

Email and tech dangers in Texas family court

Word to the wise about technology – communications can be preserved, printed, and used at trial. Be careful what you say and how you say it. Resist the temptation to respond to every communication sent by an angry spouse or co-parent. It is possible these types of communications are being sent as “bait” to lure … Continue Reading