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Private Ordering Is a Fancy Word for Contractual Agreements

Brian Bix of the University of Minnesota Law School has released a peer reviewed article to the American Academy of Matrimonial Laywers Journal called Private Ordering and Family Law. Until recently, he contends, private agreements regarding family matters to change the law as it applies to their family were rarely upheld. Of course, a person could choose to get married or not,… Continue Reading

Prenup Bump — Is Tiger Woods Changing Minds About Them?

Tiger Woods recent marital problem highlights the need for premarital agreements sometimes called prenuptial agreements. There's been speculation that Tiger Woods and his wife may have reached an agreement to stay married and avoid divorce -- which in Texas is called a postnuptial agreement. The gritty details of actor Dennis Hopper's and golf aces Tiger Woods' and Greg Norman's prenups have all been hot topics on the internet.… Continue Reading