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How to Find the Best Lawyer for You

How do you go about finding the best lawyer to handle your divorce matter? Not just any lawyer, the best lawyer. It is certainly understandable that someone who suddenly needs a lawyer to end a marriage would want to find the best one around. It's not only part of our competitive nature, but it's also common sense.… Continue Reading

Divorce Attorney Expectations

You are going through divorce -- you retain an attorney and at the end of the day you have a visceral reaction -- you either love or hate your divorce attorney. While a good attorney could use his legal knowledge and skills to get you a better settlement, the facts of your case largely determine the outcome of your case. So why then, do clients have such extreme reactions to their lawyers? In large measure, the client's satisfaction with his legal representation is directly related to his expectations from the attorney-client relationship. So what can the client expect of his attorney?… Continue Reading

Save Attorneys Fees Through Email

Most of our clients are very comfortable using email for their informal correspondence to friends and family. Not every client is accustomed to using email as a form of business communication, however. In some instances misuse of email in client correspondence can misdirect and even hinder an attorney's effectiveness in the case.… Continue Reading

Happy birthday to the Texas Lawyer’s Creed!

The Texas Lawyer's Creed turned 20 years old on November 5, 2009 marking a milestone in the Texas Bar community for the promotion of professionalism and civility in the legal profession. Being an attorney in the great state of Texas (any any other state for that matter) is a privilege. With this privilege comes a great amount of responsibility. Unfortunately there are some bad attorneys out there who have tarnished the image of the legal profession. The lawyer's creed set forth a model of behavior which, if followed, helps to improve the public image of the legal profession and bolsters good will among members of the bar.… Continue Reading

It is best to win without fighting.

Recently I posted an entry about the lamb, the bulldog and the fox, In keeping with that post it is fitting to share an entry which describes the perils of being overly aggressive. In Fox Rothchild's New Jersey Family Law Blog the author described how fighting for the sake of fighting distracts the court from the two most important things: (1) our client; and (2) our client's rights and needs.… Continue Reading