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More on how to be a good witness

Last month’s article addressed 10 tips for being a good witness in a divorce hearing. Here are a few more tips for being a witness in court: Before you testify, picture the scene and try to refresh your memory. Neat appearance and proper dress are important. Don’t let your clothes distract from your message. Avoid … Continue Reading

How to be a good witness

Having to testify in your divorce trial or that of a friend or relative? The top, most important tip for any witness is to just tell the truth. That may seem like an obvious statement. But, when you are on the stand and feel like the world is caving in because everyone is looking at … Continue Reading

Beware of fake text message evidence

The hashtag #altfacts has become popular recently after a Trump spokeswoman offered “alternative facts” to a news report. Many assert the alternative facts are, actually, falsehoods. Texas divorce lawyers face “alternative facts” frequently. Sometimes, people interpret a situation differently, making the alternative facts more about their perception, not factual falsities. On the other hand, facts … Continue Reading