Enforcement of family law orders

We’ve seen many changes in our courts over the past week including limiting in-person hearings to essential matters only. Over the past two days, many courts have issued Emergency Standing Orders regarding possession for both the “extended Spring Break” period  and recent school closures.

Supreme Court of Texas

The Supreme Court of Texas just issued

In February, Senior Shareholder Michelle May O’Neil presented oral argument to the Supreme Court of Texas in Dalton v. Dalton, a case out of the Nacogdoches trial court and the Tyler Court of Appeals. Today we learned that she WON that case — the Texas Supreme Court in a unanimous decision reversed the judgment and

Sad Prisoner Behind BarsA new Texas law broadly expands the options parents have for enforcing orders pertaining to children. A new law effective September 1, 2015, provides that a court may enforce “any provision” of either a temporary or final order rendered in a suit regarding a child. Further, the new law goes on to expand the availability