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Divorce in the New Year Protecting Your Business

January is the month of renewal - closing the door on the negativity of the prior year and planning for the challenges of the new year. Many commit to weight loss, exercise, or stopping smoking at the start of a new year as an opportunity to make improvements in their lives. On the other hand, some people use the beginning of a new year to make new personal beginnings, such as ending their marriage.… Continue Reading

Reasons not to file a joint tax return during a Texas divorce

Texas marital property law is different than most other states because it is based on a scheme of community property. In dealing with filing of tax returns, this difference can cause a significant impact on divorcing spouses. In community property states, each spouse, if filing separately, reports one half of the other spouse’s community income, … Continue Reading

Strategic Tax Filing During Divorce in Texas

Filing income tax returns while a divorce pends can be an especially contentious issue. When one spouse lacks trust in the other spouse, even filing a joint return can be troublesome. Usually filing jointly results in reduced overall tax burden for the still-married couple. But, sometimes filing jointly may result in a greater benefit to … Continue Reading

Bank accounts and brokerage accounts are not the same in a premarital agreement

Dictionaries generally define "bank" as a financial establishment for the deposit, loan, exchange, or issue of money and for the transmission of funds. In contrast, "broker" is defined as an agent who acts as an intermediary or negotiator, especially between prospective buyers and sellers; a person employed to make bargains and contracts between other persons in matters of trade, commerce, or navigation. According to the Houston Court, these definitions illustrate that banks and brokers are distinguishable, particularly with respect to the scope of their respective services; banks tend to offer a broader spectrum of financial services than brokerage firms.… Continue Reading

Can a psychological evaluation in a custody case determine who is lying?

Oftentimes, people going through a custody dispute want to have psychological evaluations to show the judge "who is lying" to the court about some issue or another. Conversely, some people going through psychological evaluations in a custody case become concerned that the other person will "lie" to the evaluator through charm or outright deception and sway the results of the evaluation.… Continue Reading

Pornography in Texas Divorce

All too frequently, the issue of pornography comes up in divorces across the state of Texas. Whether it is an addiction to pornography, sexting a photo to a spouse or paramour, or videos of sexual acts, pornography has taken the divorce stage front and center.… Continue Reading

Divorce Tax Preparation

It's that time of year again - tax season is upon us. As discussed in my previous blog, it is important when preparing for a divorce in Texas to be aware of your assets and debts before you meet with a lawyer. It is my recommendation to have the two prior year tax returns in your possession at your initial consultation.… Continue Reading

What Is a Default Divorce in Texas?

Any person who is on the receiving end of a lawsuit in Texas is entitled to what is called "personal service." Personal service is where a constable or a private process server comes up to the person on the receiving end of a lawsuit, asks if they are that person, and personally hands them a copy of the original petition and citation.… Continue Reading

Preparing for Divorce in Texas

The focus of the article centered on women preparing themselves and their finances during the divorce process and to become educated on what assets they are entitled to at the conclusion of the divorce.… Continue Reading