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Are you ready for divorce?

Being emotionally prepared for divorce is a crucial part of working through the process. It is particularly difficult if one spouse is emotionally prepared and the other spouse is not ready yet. If you are not emotionally ready for divorce, then the emotion will be intertwined with the decision-making that must happen to effectively work … Continue Reading

Does your Texas county have Standing orders in divorce and family law cases?

Most petitions for divorce or seeking relief in a suit affecting the parent child relationship in Texas include a request for a two-week temporary restraining order. This is intended to maintain the status quo and prevent one spouse from taking any action that harms the other until a hearing may be held. The temporary restraining … Continue Reading

Is There A Divorce Busy Season?

Typically, January through March is considered the "busy season" for divorce lawyers in Dallas. After the first of the year, interest picks up in people wanting to file for divorce in Texas. Many speculate that new year's resolutions give the spark to action for some. Others figure that unhappy couples stay together through the holidays, intending to split afterwards.… Continue Reading

How To Find a Good Lawyer When You Need One

Most people do not have a clue how to find a good lawyer when they need one. In fact, statistics show that 68% of consumers spend two hours or fewer gathering information before selecting a lawyer. The vast majority of consumers report feeling they "can trust" their lawyer is the most important factor in the selection process. Dallas Family Lawyer Michelle May O'Neil reviews the best way to find a good lawyer when you need one.… Continue Reading