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Start up company valuations in divorce

Most business valuations in the divorce context are performed upon long-standing businesses. Valuing an early-stage start-up company poses some challenges. In 2013 the AICPA released a guide detailing a framework for assessing the six typical stages of a business’ lifecycle. Stage 1: The enterprise has no product revenue, limited expense history, incomplete management team, and … Continue Reading

Evaluating a valuation report

Because business entities are often a large part of a marital estate for divorce, family lawyers and clients should understand how to review the report and spot issues even before hiring or relying upon the party’s own expert for review. 1.Professional standards and credentials – Along the lines of starting at the very beginning (channeling … Continue Reading

Small business issues in a Texas divorce

On Monday, February 29, 2016, Attorneys Michelle May O’Neil and Jere Hight presented a webinar on Small Business Issues in a Texas Divorce through the West LegalEdcenter, a Continuing Legal Education resource for attorneys looking for accredited educational opportunities within their given practice area. West LegalEdcenter hosts its webinars for 180 days, allowing lawyers to access the … Continue Reading