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No Alienation of Affection Claims In Texas

Recently there has been quite a bit of media exposure over alienation of affection claims arising out of a North Carolina Court. Under the case in North Carolina, the mistress who was allegedly responsible for breaking up a 30 year marriage was sued by her lover's ex-wife and awarded $9M in damages! North Carolina is one of seven states to recognize alienation of affection claims, in which spouses can sue third parties that they allege interfered in their marriages. Texas, however, does not recognize alienation of affection claims in divorce cases.… Continue Reading

When can we get married?

As Dallas Divorce Lawyer, I frequently am asked questions that touch on "legal separation" and its place in Texas family law. Texas law does not recognize legal separation as a status, so in Texas, you're either married you are aren't. The other day I had someone ask me whether she could marry someone who was legally separated from his spouse in another state. To answer this question, we need to look at who can and cannot get married in Texas.… Continue Reading