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Cryptocurrency and Family Law: Tracing Remainder Addresses on Exchanges (Part 2)

This article is limited to transactions on exchanges only.  The next entry will address remainder addresses in non-exchange scenarios. For a better understanding what cryptocurrencies are, please read the first article in this series, available here: Everyone in the world can see when cryptocurrencies are transferred.  Public addresses are wallets, and generally remain the same, … Continue Reading

4-day delay in entering written contempt and commitment order renders enforcement void

Child support enforcement is akin to a criminal prosecution and must be handled with the utmost eye toward the due process rights of the accused. It is a well-settled and obvious rule that, in order to hold someone in jail on an enforcement case, such as for nonpayment of child support, both the contempt order and the commitment order must be in writing and signed by the judge immediately following the commitment. Failure to do both of these things renders the commitment void.… Continue Reading

Fresh Start in 2014

At the beginning of any year, there is usually an influx in divorce filings in Texas. Many people delay initiating divorce proceedings until after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.… Continue Reading

Divorce Trends in the United States

I recently read a very interesting article entitled "Great Divide: 6 Divorce Trends of Today (infographic)" on the website Moving Forward Through Divorce. The article discusses the six trends in people who are seeking divorces today. As a practicing family law attorney in Dallas, Texas, I too am seeing these trends in my practice.… Continue Reading

Preparing for Mediation in Texas

When going through any type of litigation in Texas, mediation can be a very successful and efficient tool to bring a lawsuit to a close. During the course of family law litigation, most courts in Texas order parties to attend mediation prior to having a final trial.… Continue Reading