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No Mommy Presumption for Custody in Texas.

As a Dallas divorce lawyer, I am often asked whether court's still presume that custody of a child should go to the mother as opposed to the father. The short answer is no. Courts are not permitted to consider the gender of the parent (or the child) in making decisions regarding custody. Generally the best interests of the child are the primary considerations the court assesses in determining custody issues.… Continue Reading

Married men = higher income.

I recently came across an article on Time Magazine's website that was pretty interesting. According to a study completed by the Pew Research Center, married men have a 60% higher income than they did in 1970, whereas unmarried men only experiences an increase of 16% in income.… Continue Reading

Custody Battle: Dad’s Story

But now, dads are fighting back, demanding custody where custody's due. Their motivation is simple: "I wanted to have kids. I wanted to have the family," says Oshman, who ended up getting joint custody of his three girls. To him, divorce "didn't mean I should have to give up my family."… Continue Reading