Dean TobeI received my quarterly issue of the Baylor Law School Docket Call alumni magazine. This issue was great with several interesting points. My favorite part was Dean Brad Toben‘s column on advocacy. He says, “One of the fundamental principles of a lawyer is to serve as an advocate. Advocacy is standing up for your client, fighting for your client, and protecting your client’s rights.”

He goes on to point out examples of lawyers throughout history that have represented clients who might have had issues distasteful to society, but served them anyway simply because everyone deserves an advocate. He cites to John Adams who represented the despised British soldiers in the aftermath of the Boston Massacre. Adams knew he would be scorned by society, his law practice would be impaired, and he would endure hardship. He did it anyway.

Did you know that Baylor Law School ranks 3rd in the country for trial advocacy according to the U.S. News & World Report and 51st in the country for Best Law Schools? Read Baylor’s press release here. Baylor is the only Texas law school even in the Top 10 for trial advocacy category!

Here at O’Neil Wysocki we have three Baylor lawyers on staff. We love Baylor and appreciate the trial advocacy skills we learned there! Sic ’em Bears!