graydivorcelightningDivorces among clients over the age of 50 are becoming more prevalent as baby boomers age. They balk at the terms “gray divorce” or “senior citizens”. The best term to use may be “seasoned”, according to an article by Paula G. Kirby in the latest issue of the Family Advocate by ABA Section of Family Law.

Seasoned divorces require certain considerations.

  • Some seasoned clients may need special accommodations for mobility, hearing, and vision loss or emotional or mental challenges.
  • Capacity or diminished capacity concerns.
  • Confidentiality and third party participation by family and friends.
  • The need for support and assistance for the client.
  • Obtaining financial, medical, and other information from professionals with joint representation of both spouses.
  • Handling the stress of protracted settlement negotiations or a long day at mediation.
  • If the client has issues with hearing or sight, make an ADA accommodations request of the Court for a device to increase sound or a projector to help with sight.
  • Releasing attachment to the attorney when the case is concluded.