january-Divorce-300x150As people make new year’s resolutions to start their new year with a clean slate, some of the best Dallas, Texas family lawyers, as well as family law attorneys across the United States, report a rise of nearly one-third of new divorce filings in January. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers confirms a spike of 25-30% according to a survey of their members. New year’s resolutions are spurred on by a stressful holiday season and maybe even the stress of too much family time. Similar trends are seen in the U.K., where one survey reports that one in five couples plan to divorce after the holidays.

If you are planning to divorce in the new year, one of the most important self-help steps you can take is to become familiar with the financial situation of your marriage. Get an up-to-date assessment of all of the financial accounts owned together or separately. Keeping copies of records given to the CPA when preparing taxes can also provide fertile areas for inspection to make sure that all financial information is addressed in the divorce.

Because divorce is one of the biggest financial decision people make, it is important not to make the decision when you are tired or emotional. Be smart and evaluate your end game – make sure you know the full situation and the consequences from a financial perspective of the decisions you are about to make.

Sometimes, even though the emotional situation of a marriage may be troublesome, divorce may not be the best answer. Frequently one spouse carries the health insurance, which will no longer be available to the other spouse after divorce. For a spouse who needs the health insurance and is not able to affordably get an individual policy, this can be a crucial decision factor.

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