Most often in an attempt to save money on divorce proceedings, spouses in an amicable divorce want one lawyer to represent both parties. Simply put, any lawyer that agrees to this is acting against the ethical rules that govern lawyers’ conduct in Texas. Each spouse in a divorce have differing interest and viewpoints in reaching a divorce settlement and require different advice under the law. A lawyer cannot give advice to opposing sides of the same lawsuit. So, it is not possible for one lawyer to represent both spouses. It is, however, possible for one lawyer to represent one of the spouses in drafting agreed or uncontested divorce paperwork. The other spouse should be presented with the proposed agreed orders prior to presentation to the divorce court. If the other spouse can read/understand the paperwork and confirm that the contents match the agreement, he or she may do so representing himself or herself, without having to hire a lawyer. Or, he or she may consult a lawyer for review of the paperwork at a smaller fee than lawyers normally require for full representation.