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Popular Myths About Shared Parenting

KEY MESSAGES * Myths need challenging and realities need facing. * Children need two homes when they have two separated parents. * Organize the program to suit your circumstances, not vice versa. * Infants require special consideration when part of a shared parenting arrangement. * Shared parenting allows both parents to be hands on. * Both quality and quantity are important in parenting.… Continue Reading

A Family Friendly Approach to Resolving Child Access

When it comes to establishing each parent's individual roles and their levels of involvement, influence, and time spent with the children, the terms most discussed and debated are joint custody, sole custody, and visitation. Generally, physical child custody (whether sole, shared, or split) really comes down to the amount of time spent with one's children. Custody in the legal sense (that is, legal custody) governs who will make what types of decisions affecting the health, education, and general welfare of the children and under what circumstances such decisions will be made. Although maximizing parental time is very important, it should yield to the best interests of the children. And obviously, each parent's differing views about what is or is not in the children's best interests is one of the many contributors to child custody chaos. The desire for power and control are other major contributors.… Continue Reading

How Do Attorneys Charge Clients for a Divorce?

It is not unusual for clients to complain about their attorney fees for a divorce. Below you can find some of the different ways that attorneys charge for handling the divorce process. This may help clients understand the billing process and perhaps what their best option is when it comes down to hiring an attorney.… Continue Reading