Typically, January through March is considered the "busy season" for divorce lawyers in Dallas.  After the first of the year, interest picks up in people wanting to file for divorce in Texas.  Many speculate that new year’s resolutions give the spark to action for some.  Others figure that unhappy couples stay together through the holidays, intending to split afterwards.

I’ve also heard a theory that couples split after the Superbowl due to drinking and fighting.  I have to say I’ve never had any client as a Dallas divorce lawyer give me that as a reason for getting a divorce.  Some think Valentines might be a factor — stay together long enough to see what the Valentine’s present is, then call the divorce attorney.

Recently, a reporter in Columbus Ohio wrote that the statistics there show that March is the busiest month for new divorce filings, most likely because it takes a month or two to get an appointment with the divorce attorney, get the money together to pay her, and get the divorce on file.  See the article Couples Most LIkely To Call It Quits In March.