A lont-time and very satisfied client writes,

"I first met Michelle in 2005 and, as a client, she has represented me as my counsel ever since. Based on my personal experience with Michelle, I believe she is probably one of the best family law attorneys in the DFW metroplex. I believe that I was very lucky to find Michelle at a time in my life when I most needed a very good attorney to represent me in my divorce.

At the time, I was faced with the possibility of having only limited visitation with my children and the possibility of my children being relocated out of the DFW area. Michelle took on the challenge of getting me the results, from a year long court battle, to insure that my children would remain in the area so that their Mother and I could share as joint managing conservators. Nothing was and is more important to me than having me a close relationship with my children. Both, their Mother and I are actively involved in the daily activities of the Kids. Consequently, their Mother and I have a friendly relationship and communicate continuously to improve the quality of our children’s lives.

Most recently, their Mother remarried and requested the court to grant relocation to a county outside of the metroplex. Due to my location of work and the place where they would be residing, I would not have been able to see the Kids as much as I have for the past five years. Our lives have become so inextricably intertwined that a change in the location would have been detrimental to everyone in the family.

Therefore, I opposed the move and once again Michelle represented me in another year long battle that finally ended in an all-day trial in June of 2010. The results of that trial assured that the children would remain within a two and a half mile radius of where I live. I was very satisfied with the Judge’s decision to deny the request. And, obviously, I was very pleased with Michelle’s representation.

Michelle is a professional attorney at the highest level and I would gladly recommend her as counsel to anyone."

Dave Buchanan

It is fulfilling for us to represent a client who is so dedicated to his children as Mr. Buchanan.  If you know of anyone who is in need of a Dallas area family lawyer for a relocation case like Mr. Buchanan’s please ask them to give us a call.