No, we didn’t really dance around begging some higher power to send down the trickles of water.  Actually, I participated in a very interactive conference about law firm marketing where I heard more about educating clients about the benefits of hiring my law firm, what sets my law firm apart from other Dallas family law attorneys, and improving the provision of service to our clients.  Here’s why you should hire my firm to represent you in your Dallas area divorce:

  • We have a been-there, done-that perspective based on our extensive experience in divorce, child custody, and complex marital property litigation.
  • We have hands-on real world experience from the ground up in family law matters in Texas.
  • Our experience allows us to distinguish the real, meaningful issues from the ones that don’t matter.
  • We keep our clients informed about the status of their case.
  • We stay informed on the up-to-date legal issues that matter in divorce and child custody cases in Texas by teaching and attending educational seminars.
  • We research all legal issues that make a difference to our client.
  • We gather all of the necessary and relevant documents on cases.
  • We can put together a team of professionals outside of the firm to assist with solving the client’s problem — for example, a forensic CPA, a business valuation expert, a home valuation expert, a parenting coach, psychological experts, witness coaches, etc.
  • We will use negotiation skills to make every effort to resolve your case without the emotional and financial expense of going to trial.
  • We keep the client updated about all settlement offers from the opposing side.
  • Only you can decide the final settlement of your case.
  • We conduct depositions and interviews of key witnesses for the client’s position as well as the opposing side’s position.
  • Your attorney will prepare you for trials and hearings at your comfort level.
  • Your attorney will be by your side during all hearings and trials of your case.
  • We apply our experience in appeal of family law matters to sift through the irrelevant issues at a trial, and we use our trial experience to sift through the irrelevant issues on appeal.

Any other reasons you can think of? The list remains a work-in-progress.

Thanks to Stephen Fairley and Rich Strauch of The Rainmaker Institute, John Bisnar of Bisnar/Chase, and Alex Morris who gave a lot of great information.  Check out Stephen’s blog The Rainmaker Blog.