The Texas Lawyer’s Creed turned 20 years old on November 5, 2009 marking a milestone in the Texas Bar community for the promotion of professionalism and civility in the legal profession.  Being an attorney in the great state of Texas (any any other state for that matter) is a privilege.  With this privilege comes a great amount of responsibility.  Unfortunately there are some bad attorneys out there who have tarnished the image of the legal profession.  The lawyer’s creed sets forth a model of behavior which, if followed, helps to improve the public image of the legal profession and bolsters good will among members of the bar.

One of the most important components of the lawyer’s creed addresses the lawyer’s relationship to his/her client.  The legal profession is a service industry, and there certainly isn’t a lack of capable attorneys to handle cases.  Being capable, however, is only part of the equation for success.  Following the lawyer’s creed is also a large part of the equation in obtaining a favorable result for a client. 

So happy birthday to the lawyer’s creed and here’s to another 20 years of helping us lawyers strive for excellence!