Dallas Divorce Lawyer Michelle May O’Neil was quoted in the July 2nd, 2009 edition of Dallas Morning News in Emily Ramshaw’s article Child Support Suffers As Economy Suffers.  The story lead Thursday’s edition with Ms. O’Neil’s picture appearing on page 14A.  

Here’s the excerpt from the article pertaining to Ms. O’Neil:

Michelle May O’Neil, a family law attorney with clients in Dallas and Collin counties, said Crouse’s case is common. She’s seen a steady uptick in child support-paying parents who have either lost their jobs or had their hours reduced.

O’Neil said family court judges, who traditionally have issued permanent rulings, are giving these financially strapped parents temporary relief instead.

If someone is unemployed, she said, a judge generally will temporarily reduce child support, and then call a review hearing a few months later.

"A kiddo’s expenses don’t go away just because the economy is tight," O’Neil said. "Judges are giving people a Band-Aid so they can find another job."